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Each year the team at KLAS Research publishes their KLAS 340B TPA Product Comparison Summary,* compiling the feedback of healthcare executives and pharmacy managers nationwide. It is trusted data metrics for peer-reviewed software services and medical equipment.

Measuring Culture, Loyalty, Operations, Product, Relationship, and Value, PharmaForce outperforms every one of the four largest TPAs in 340B—and by no small margin. 

PharmaForce outperforms each of the four largest TPAs in 340B. 

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KLAS Research Interviews

The vendor definitely keeps their promises. I was surprised by the work PharmaForce put into being proactive and keeping their promises. It is a surprising that a 340B third-party administrator would put in the effort to follow through. Some third-party administrators in the same market have been established for 10-15 years, and they think they have the best product and are unwilling to hear otherwise for make improvements. There is a disconnect between what the sales team says and what can really be done. After witnessing all of the problems with other third-party administrators, I can say that PharmaForce’s sales staff and operations staff aren’t disconnected. They are fully connected and right on par. Nothing was promised that wasn’t fulfilled. PharmaForce made sure of that. When there are any bumps in the road, PharmaForce addresses them right away.



The product is definitely part of our long-term plans. We have a weekly phone call with our dedicated representative from PharmaForce. It is very helpful to navigate the 340B arena. We are relatively new to that space, and the vendor has been really helpful in moving us along and knowing what to care for and prepare for. That has been really nice. I even got a call with someone from leadership who wanted to see how things were going. The vendor’s experience in the 340B arena has proved to be a bonus. We didn’t know we would be getting back that much value. We knew what we would be getting from the product, but we didn’t know what kind of customer service we would get.



Admired by peers. 
Chosen by clients. 
Validated by KLAS Research.