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Each year the team at KLAS Research publishes their KLAS 340B TPA Product Comparison Summary,* compiling the feedback of healthcare executives and pharmacy managers nationwide. It is trusted data metrics for peer-reviewed software services and medical equipment.

Measuring Culture, Loyalty, Operations, Product, Relationship, and Value, PharmaForce outperforms every one of the four largest TPAs in 340B—and by no small margin. 

PharmaForce outperforms each of the four largest TPAs in 340B. 

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KLAS Research Interviews

The changes in 340B have been especially difficult for us. The manufacturer issues with the contract pharmacy side have been complicated and hard to deal with. But PharmaForce has helped us navigate through those things very well, so I am thankful for them. I know their service is what we pay for, but it is also something we certainly could not do without. The vendor has made transitions as smooth as possible. There has been a lot of transition in the contract pharmacy space within PharmaForce. It is ongoing, and they know how we are set up. When the next manufacturer comes in, we submit our data so they can get the setup squared away ahead of time. We don't see any disruption with that either. They have been a big help with maximizing PharmaForce 340B without having too much disruption from a manufacturer block.

Functionality and Upgrades


PharmaForce seems to be knowledgeable about the 340B program. They don't just have a handful of knowledgeable people on their team that they have to filter every question through. We feel like the vendor's people have a pretty good baseline understanding of 340B that they are able to apply to individual systems. One of the things that they look for when they are hiring is people who have experience in the 340B sphere. That is helpful because those people already know what we are asking without us having to dissect every piece of the equation. PharmaForce has been really good at getting us connected to people that will fit our needs best.


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Admired by peers. 
Chosen by clients. 
Validated by KLAS Research. 

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